Mill Pond Community Meeting

One of the ways Saline Area Social Service is working to deepen our impact in the community this year is by creating a senior health and wellness strategy! We hosted our second community meeting at Mill Pond Manor on February 7, 2024 to gain insight into the needs of our senior neighbors. Based on feedback from the residents, the program will focus on healthy eating education, exercise classes, and basic computer training to navigate online healthcare portals. Ensuring that the program is responsive and relevant to the individuals it serves is one of our top priorities.

Senior Wellness Partners

SASS staff are excited to work with some awesome partners in the development of this program, including Michigan State University, EHM, the Saline Senior Center, and The Quilting Season.

2024 Program Objectives

As we look to 2024, we are asking ourselves: “How can SASS have a deeper impact?” and “How do we help people get out of poverty?” We are launching some new programs to help answer some of those questions.

  • Mentorship & Support for Adults
  • Youth Advocacy
  • Overcoming Language Barriers
  • Senior Citizen Health & Wellness


Assistance & Donations

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