$16,650 Awarded to SASS by 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County

On Wednesday, November 9th, 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County awarded $16,650 to Saline Area Social Service to support its client aid programs. The gift was presented to Anne Cummings, SASS Executive Director, by 100+ Women co-leaders, Angie Leaser and Karen Miller, and Cheryl Girvan.
A local philanthropic group, 100+ Women Who Care of Washtenaw County is an organization whose goal is to increase awareness of charitable non-profit agencies in Washtenaw County. Each member donates $100 twice a year to support a chosen charity organization. Since the inception of the Washtenaw Chapter in 2011, the group has donated over $270,000 to local non-profit agencies.
Group member Cheryl Girvan recommended SASS to receive the financial support of 100+ Women Who Care during the October 9th meeting.  Girvan, a SASS board member and long-time SASS volunteer, prepared a compelling presentation, citing the impact the agency has for over 400 people in the Saline area each year. 
SASS is a community-funded 501(c) (3) organization that serves the City of Saline and a portion of the surrounding townships. Founded in 1961, SASS is the only resource in Saline that provides food and emergency relief. Of their 400+ clients, nearly 40% are children and over a third of the adults served are senior citizens. With the help of the Saline Community in 2021, SASS distributed enough food for over 120,000 meals, quality of life programs for students and seniors, and emergency assistance for eviction, utility shut-off, and car repairs.
The money awarded to SASS by 100+ Women will support the food pantry, a mental health program for at-risk middle and high school students, and pantry education. Cummings was delighted with the donation, especially coming late in the year, as this money will assist SASS in reaching its annual fundraising goal of $554,000.  
For more information about these agencies, please visit their websites, salinesocialservice.com and www.100womenwashtenawcounty.org

About 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County 

100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County is an organization whose goal is to increase awareness of local charitable opportunities non-profit agencies located right here in Washtenaw County. Each member donates $100, twice a year, to guide the organization’s vision of nonprofit support. For more information, visit www.100womenwashtenawcounty.org.

About Saline Area Social Service 

Saline Area Social Service (SASS) is a private, tax-exempt non-profit organization that has been in the community for over 60 years and serves the most vulnerable students, families and senior citizens that live in and around the Saline area. SASS’s mission is to provide our short- and long-term aid, directly and through referrals, to its participants in need. For more information, visit salineareasocialservice.com