Helping our neighbors today.
Building for tomorrow.

Saline Area Social Service has outgrown its current home and is moving to a larger, more accessible building on the east side of Saline. Join our campaign for a larger home today and help us build a brighter future for our neighbors in need.

Helping our neighbors today.

Saline Area Social Service was founded over 60 years ago to provide holiday baskets to those in need in the Saline community and, from that modest beginning, has evolved into a full-service community assistance center. Created by the community, powered by community donors and volunteers, SASS now serves over 400 people per year.

Building for tomorrow.

The last several years have brought unexpected changes for all of us and a new home is now required to continue effective, efficient, and appropriate service to our neighbors in need.

Our current home in downtown Saline is charming and has a wonderful history, but it wasn’t designed to be a food pantry. Because of space limitations and pandemic-related safety concerns, clients haven’t been able to enter the building to meet with SASS staff or do their own shopping for over two years. 

Every inch of the two-story house and basement is used for storage, including bathrooms, hallways, offices, kitchen, garage, under staircases, and outdoors on the front and back porches. During peak seasons for food donation, there is no overflow area, and some donations cannot be accepted because of limited space. 

The SASS Board of Directors has determined that a larger, more efficient building is essential to maintain our current services and meet the growing needs of the Saline area.

We are excited to share that we are moving this summer to a property in Wood Duck Business Park, near Saline High School and Walmart. This new location is four times the size of our current space and very accessible.

The cost for the new location is less than $100 per square foot, in contrast to the $255+ square foot that it would cost to renovate and expand in our current location.

The new building provides significantly more space for the pantry, storage, and office space, and everything is located on a single level. This means everything can be housed in a single location and clients will be able to do their own shopping again! 

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The people, businesses, and organizations of the Saline area have always responded to opportunities to help our neighbors. SASS depends on annual giving to sustain its day-to-day operations. A New Home for SASS challenges donors to do something extraordinary: give over and above their regular levels until the campaign pledges are fulfilled. Consider supporting SASS and help us move to a larger home to better help our neighbors in need.

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Volunteers are needed to help us move, and we have a wide range of needs where we can use your help!  We have opportunities for individual volunteers, families, and even larger groups.  If you’re interested in helping us with our move, click on the volunteer button below and fill out our questionnaire form.  Someone from SASS will follow up with you to discuss and coordinate opportunities.


Help us raise $850,000!

The people, businesses, and organizations of the Saline area have always responded to opportunities to help our neighbors. SASS depends on annual giving to sustain its day-to-day operations, but to expand our ability to serve, we’re also asking the community to make an additional, one-time commitment beyond their regular giving to support this campaign.

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Our New Home

1259 Industrial Dr., Saline, MI
(Located in Wood Duck Business Park near Saline High School, Walmart, and other businesses and near US-23 and US-12 Michigan Avenue.)
Building Size: 7,800 SF
Year Built: 2006
Ceiling: 16 ft
Drive-In Bays: 2 Bays
40 Parking Spaces

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Frequently Asked Questions

Saline Area Social Service (SASS) is relocating its services to a new facility at 1259 Industrial in Wood Duck Park, on Saline’s east side. SASS’s new home is near Saline High School, Walmart, and other businesses.  At this new location, SASS will continue to serve those living within the boundaries of the Saline School District, as well as individuals living outside of these boundaries but either have a child who attends Saline Area Schools as “School of Choice” or works in Saline.

  • The current building is located at 224 W. Michigan in Saline, Michigan, on the west side of town is a house built in 1918 with two small floors and a basement. As SASS has increased its responsiveness to our community’s needs, the space needed for service delivery is no longer adequate and efficient.
  • Over the last few years, SASS’s operations have been compromised, volunteer opportunities have been limited and relationships with clients have been weakened.  The customer experience of independently shopping for themselves and having the opportunities to comfortably meet and visit with staff and volunteers no longer exists. 
  • The Board of Directors explored an expansion of the current location. That option was determined to be expensive. 
  • Due diligence also determined that relocation to an existing building was in the best interests of the Saline area community. 
  • SASS’s new home is a newer building that meets the Board’s space requirements, can be configured for maximum efficiency, is on one floor, and is accessible to clients, volunteers, and staff. As conscientious stewards of this community-funded nonprofit, the board is able to acquire the building for substantially less than an expansion on the current site.
  • The purchase will be completed by April 1, 2022.  
  • The move to SASS’s new home is expected to be completed mid-summer, 2022. 
  • All services will be transitioned to the new location, and normal operations will not be interrupted. 
  • SASS is 100% funded by philanthropy. The community created SASS and has supported it for over six decades.  
  • SASS is in the quiet phase of a fundraising campaign to raise $850,000. Those funds will be committed to the acquisition of SASS’s new home. This also provides funds for space reconfiguration. These funds will enable SASS to avoid the debt of a mortgage! 
  • As of Spring 2022, 30% of our campaign goal has been secured in gift commitments.  Every member of the Board of Directors made personal pledges for the campaign, totaling over $100,000. Among additional commitments, both the Mullick Foundation and the Towsley Foundation made generous $50,000 gifts.
  • Consider a one-time, 3-year pledge beyond annual support.  
  • SASS will accept gifts of stock toward the campaign.  Marketable securities held by a broker may be delivered by wire to us through Charles Schwab. To learn more, contact Roger Raham at
  • In addition to funds, in-kind donations for materials and services are encouraged to prepare the new location. 
  • There are many opportunities for volunteers to get involved in other ways, too.  
  • You can learn more by calling (734-429-4570). 

Thank you to our leadership donors.

$150,000 and above

The Mullick Foundation

$100,000 and above

Edward F. Redies Foundation
SASS Board of Directors

$50,000 and above

The Towsley Foundation
Thomas L. Thomas Family Foundation

$25,000 and above

Detter Family Foundation
St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church

$10,000 and above

Bank of Ann Arbor
The Coughlin Family
Edward C. Levy Co.

Campaign Committee

Roger (Mike) Raham – Committee Co-Chair
John (Jack) Edwards – Committee Co-Chair
Elizabeth Busch
Michael Coughlin
Cheryl Girvan
Tim Gretkierewicz
Nancy Millichap
Steve Schneider