Gift Basket Challenge

The Gift Basket Challenge at the Saline Spring Craft Show is on Saturday, March 18, 2023! Individuals, classrooms, athletic teams, clubs, businesses, and families are invited to design, decorate, and fill a gift basket for the contest.

All baskets and money from this event are donated to Saline Area Social Service.

The Challenge

Individuals, classrooms, athletic teams, clubs, businesses, and families are invited to thematically design, decorate, and fill a gift basket for this contest; but more importantly for an organization who will share the gift baskets with those in need. On Saturday, March 18 from 8 AM – 2PM your basket will compete in a creativity contest at the Saline Spring Craft Show. People at the show are encouraged to vote for their favorite basket by placing money in the voting box. The entry that receives the highest vote in each category will win a prize. All baskets and money received benefit Saline Area Social Service.

Suggested Basket Themes

  • Around the World: Mexican, Italian, etc.
  • Summer Fun: Bug spray, sunscreen, and first aid essentials. Summer reading books and gifts for older kids.
  • Other Themes: Cookout, Coffee, Kitchen Supplies, Pet Supplies (cat/dog), Personal Care

Design Tips

  • Many entries have a specific theme! What is going to make yours stand out?
  • The container that holds the items does not have to be a “basket”. Entries in past years have included laundry baskets, coolers, wagons, decorative boxes, and inflatable pools. The container should be something that is able to be donated with the items it contains.
  • Consider using cellophane to wrap your entry if it contains valuables.
  • Visit to view photos from previous years to see what the contest is all about!
  • Feel free to include items such as non-perishable foods, gift cards, books, toiletries, toys, board games, and clothing.
  • Do not include: perishable food items, tobacco, or alcohol
  • Consider labeling your entry with its creator names. People are more likely to vote if they know the individual or group that made it.

The Six Contest Categories

  • PreK–6th Grade Group
  • 7th–12th Grade Group
  • Individual 17 & Under
  • Individual 18 & Over
  • Profit Group/Business
  • Family/Church/Non-Profit Group


Drop a penny, dollar, or a dime to vote for your favorite entry (1 penny = 1 vote, 1 nickel = 5 votes, 1 dollar = 100 votes). Prizes are awarded to 1st and 2nd place in each category.

Visit or call (734) 401-4020 for more information.