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About us:

Saline Area Social Service (SASS) is a non-profit organization that plays a central role in assisting members of the Saline community in need.  It is the only organization in Saline that provides comprehensive services to its neighbors that not only include obtaining food, clothing and household goods, but also informational services, referrals and short or long term aid.

For over 50 years, SASS has assisted families and individuals living within the Saline Area School District who fall within the financial guidelines of the District.  It provides service to 300-400 people every month — including children that account for 35-40% its families.  Seniors living on meager fixed incomes represent another 25%.

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Fast Facts

Who needs our help in the Saline Area community?

There are just over 29,500 residents in the Saline Area Schools District.  Of these residents, 4% of these families are below the poverty level.  6.6% of these households received Food Stamp/SNAP benefits within the past 12 months and 1% received cash public assistance.

5.5% of these families are living with children under 18 years of age.  14.6% of these families with children under 18 are living with a single mother.  In the public schools, 9% (or 470) students are participating in the SAS Free or Reduced lunch program. 

Meals and people served:

Saline Area Social Service distributes enough food for more than XXX meals each week.  During an average week, our agency provides services to 300-400 people per month.  Children account for 35%-40% of the people we serve.  Seniors living on meager fixed incomes account for another 25%. 


We have a very active volunteer group with responsibilities that cover almost every aspect of this organization.  Currently, our volunteers help to organize, sort and stock the food pantry, manage day-to-day office work, assist with client advocacy and marketing projects, event management and planning and assisting with grant writing.


Before this year, Saline Area Social Service has strongly relied on government sources for funding.  Due to new restrictions, SASS is not receiving the same level of funding that was received in past years.  We’re committed to rallying Saline Area community businesses, organizations and individuals to help us stabilize, grow and sustain our organization for many more years.


Media FAQs

About our name:

The organization’s full name, on first reference, is “Saline Area Social Service.”  Upon second reference, we refer to ourselves simply as “SASS.”

Who do we serve?

We serve families and individuals living within the Saline Area School District who fall within the financial guidelines of the District.  Our agency provides service to 300-400 people per month.  Children account for 35-40% of our clients.  Seniors living on meager fixed incomes represent another 25%.

 How do we serve?

We provide services directly and through referral to help clients create their own sustainable solutions.

What services do we provide?
  • A food pantry that includes fresh, frozen, canned and boxed goods, diapers, toiletries, laundry detergent and paper products.
  • Referrals to government agencies and additional resources that can help our clients with specific needs.
  • Limited assistance with rent, energy bills and prescription co-pays.
  • Personal items — such as eyeglasses, backpacks and children’s musical instruments and supplies.
  • Back-to-School clothing and supplies.
  • The Holiday Adopt-a-Family Program, which matches our families with generous adopters for the Christmas season.
 Why do we provide this service?

We identify ourselves as being neighbors helping neighbors.  The needs are greater than the resources we have to meet them.   At Saline Area Social Service, we strive to provide our clients with the aid, tools, and connections they need to improve their lives.