Thank you, KeyBank!  

On Tuesday, November 7th, Saline Area Social Service received a $5,000 donation from KeyBank to help sustain our mission to provide food, emergency aid, and support to those in need in Saline. This generous contribution is a testament to the power of partnership and community spirit in action.

SASS has always been driven by the belief that a compassionate community is a stronger community. For over six decades, SASS has worked to provide essential support to Saline residents who are facing hardship. SASS provides a lifeline for many, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry and that support is available in times of crisis. 

Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a pivotal role in sustaining SASS’s mission and, by extension, the wellbeing of Saline’s residents. KeyBank’s generous donation, coupled with the commitment of the Saline community, is paving the way for a brighter and more compassionate future. 


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